Hello, my name is Pipi Hormaechea and I am a Photographer and Creative Director based in Madrid.  My work explores fashion and beauty  through colours and shapes and I work both on commissioned and personal projects.

My work is unavoidably influenced by my Fine Arts studies: I approach each project from a strategic, visual perspective, while being able to focus on the design details and particularities of different media.
I work on the Creative Direction and Art Direction for advertising campaigns, marketing and all visual material, including photography, graphic design, digital media, film and store direction.
I lead the articulation of seasonal concepts and brand image to press and retail. I put concepts together and work with moodboards for photo-shoots bringing campaigns to life, consistently, across all of its visual dimensions. I am responsible of the complete Creative Direction of photo and video shoots, including research and selection of hair and makeup artists, stylists, models and locations.
I am the Creative Director behind several Spanish brands’ global image. For these brands I am responsible for all aspects of design, from concept through production, on projects including company branding, website design, digital marketing, ad campaigns, brand identities, brochures, packaging, magazine design, direct mail, catalogs, promotional pieces, annual reports and new collection development.